The NWFWC Civic & Welfare Committee is a committee of members and local resident dedicated to support the fundamental rights and opportunities to residents of Broward County.  The committee will promote programs and activities contributing to the general welfare and the betterment of life for the citizens in the communities.  Through the building of relationships, partnerships, and support from the faith community, city and county officials, political leaders, business owners and other community programs the organization to provide means to remedy impediments for a civil society. Creating the ability to act for the common good of the resident of Broward County.  This hearty committee is a valuable partner in providing social services and facilitating citizen engagement.  The following roles to include:


Advocacy: Identifying and raising awareness of societal issues and challenges and advocating for change.

Service provider: delivering services to meet societal needs such as education, health, food and implementing other remedies for the uplift of the family.

Citizen Encouragement:  Encouraging citizens engagement and supporting citizen rights. 


2018 activities:


Voters Registration drive


Food Drive