SACWC Conference

Florida Association of Colored Women's Club hosted Southeastern Association of Colored Women's Clubs, Incorporated and Youth Affiliates

52nd Biennial Convention & 89th Anniversary on

July 18-21, 2019. The event comprised of an introductory Florida Nights held at the Northwest Federated Woman's Club of Broward, Inc. President Julia McElvy coordinated the well-received event. NWFWC members worked hard to ensure guests from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North and South Carolinas engaged in good ole' Florida fun on the first night. It was a night to remember with plenty to eat.

The plenary sessions including business meetings, luncheons, and competitions continued throughout the weekend. Our 30th National President, Andrea Brooks-Smith, joined us for lunch. She shared the focus of our organization and how we may drive change for women as we become more active locally and nationally.

Our guest states joined us in collecting socks and underwear for well-deserved individuals and families. The regional Southeastern Association President, Mrs. Hannah Tootle, joined us in delivering the items to Sonrise Mission.

Be sure to view a glimpse of the weekend.

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