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Alzheimer Disease Initiative

The Alzheimer Disease Initiative program provides services to individuals aged sixty and older, who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or some other form of Dementia.  Respite and Case Management services are provided Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

The program provides a friendly, safe, and protective environment where clients, who do not require institutional care, may engage in therapeutic activities designed to delay or impede future functional loss and maintain mental capacity where possible.


Health and Wellness Program

The Health and Wellness Program provides monthly screening and medication management (through local pharmacists).  this program also conducts evidence-based training sessions and in-house health and nutritional lectures.

Classes such as "Living Healthy" and "A Matter of Balance" have been proven to promote healthier methods of dealing with chronic illnesses, decreasing the fear of falling and techniques to prevent falls.

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Transportation is available to and from the center through Paratransit and/or the Center's bus.  Transportation availability is based on eligibility and location.

The Center's bus takes senior clients on field trips and shopping trips.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessible


Emergency Home Energy Assistance

A Community Liaison Specialist is available to assist participants and seniors in the Broward County area with completing social services, medical and personal forms needed to initiate and/or continue needed services.

The Specialist also assist in preparing and completing necessary forms to apply for Emergency Home Energy Assistance, known as EHEAP.  The EHEAP program.  This program provides assistnce to those individuals agae sity and older who has received a "FINAL NOTICE" on their electric bill.

Please call 954-714-3500 for an appointment if assistance is needed.



Active Seniors

The active senior program provides seniors ages sixty and older the opportunity to interact with their peers through recreational activities such as, arts and crafts, games, field trips, special events and learn about health and wellness.

Irma Allen Adult Daycare

The adult daycare program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the frail, elderly, and dementia clients.  A complete line of recreational activities and therapeutic programs are utilized to enhance awareness, self-motivation, flexibility, and physical and social involvement.

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is on duty Monday through Friday to monitor participants physical condition and conduct health screenings.