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About Us

Our History

       Mr. Clarence C.Walker, former principal of Dillard High School, helped start the Negro Woman's Club of Fort Lauderdale on October 17, 1938, at the Old Dillard Museum site. On March 9, 1939, the group was inducted into the Florida Association of Women's Club, Inc., and Youth Group. Under their leadership, they organized the first Parent Teachers Association in Broward County for the only colored school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The group was known for their fundraising ability with the traditional pies, cakes, and sandwiches. The founding members were President Josie Davis, Vice President Eliza Robinson, Recording Secretary Viola Davenport, Assistant Secretary Eurlie King, Treasurer Annie P. Reed, and Chaplain Lula Bryant.   The club also became affiliated with the Southeastern Association of  Colored Women and Youth  Clubs and the National Association of Colored Women and Youth Club, Inc.

  The club was later renamed the Northwest Federated Woman's Club. From 1956 to 1959, significant accomplishments occurred with the help of the Cobb Sewing Circle, which included the purchase of a clubhouse on NW 7th Ave and 4th Street. In 1965, The Northwest Federated Woman's Club was incorporated as a non-profit corporation. Thus officially taking on the newly registered name of the Northwest Federated Woman's Club of Broward County, Inc. The club purchased eight lots to build the clubhouse, and in 1987 Mrs. Irma E. Allen, Project Director, brought the Satellite Senior Center into being. "Lifting As We Climb" became the club's motto. The program served many seniors with daycare, nutrition, recreation, education, information, referrals, and the EHEAP Program. The growing population of the project enabled the construction of an east wing to accommodate disabled clients.

      The club continued to grow in membership, awarding scholarships, and donating to charities. As the clientele increased, the need for a more extensive facility became an issue. The group decided to organize a building committee to host fundraising events for the new facility. They invited several Ministers/Pastors of the City of Fort Lauderdale to serve on this committee. They gained the help of only one minister, Rev. Clarence E. Glover of Mount Bethel Baptist Church.

     As years went by, Ms. Sandra Hunter became the new Senior Project Director. Signed petitions by the community made it possible to request funds from the state to build a new facility. The Sylvia L. Poitier and Theodora S. Williams new Senior Center became a reality and the doors opened on May 15, 1998. The Center provides a variety of services for the senior population of Broward County.  

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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To significantly improve the mental health and well-being of all members of the community through education, recreation, support, and advocacy.


Our Vision

Provide access to quality comprehensive services that prepare a diverse community, demonstrate a global perspective in community advocacy, and engage in human and social service initiatives that enhance and build communities within Broward County.

Ways and Means Committee

The NWFWC Ways and Means Committee is the core of our organization.  The stewardship of this committee is vital for sustainability.  The committee on Ways and Means is responsible for raising the revenue required to finance our operation senior and youth programs; social and community outreach.  The organization relies on this stewardship, for we are a not-for-profit organization.  We rely solely on fundraisers, grants, and your generous donations.  This powerful committee seeks out contributions, oversees other revenue resources, and considers other fundraising activities. 

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Civic and Welfare Committee

The NWFWC Civic & Welfare Committee is a committee of members and residents dedicated to supporting the fundamental rights and opportunities of residents of Broward County. The committee will promote programs and activities contributing to the general welfare and the betterment of life for the citizens in the communities. By building relationships, partnerships, and support from the faith community, city and county officials, political leaders, business owners, and other community programs, the organization provides means to remedy impediments for a civil society. They are creating the ability to act for the common good of the resident of Broward County. This hearty committee is a valuable partner in providing social services and facilitating citizen engagement. The following roles include:


Advocacy: Identifying and raising awareness of societal issues and challenges and advocating for change.

Service provider: delivering services to meet societal needs such as education, health, food, and implementing other remedies for the uplift of the family.

Citizen Encouragement:  Encouraging citizen's engagement and supporting citizen rights. 


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